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Genuine Bobcat Product

You will not find another filter that removes the water and dust particles as completely as Genuine Bobcat filters:

  • Greater dust and contaminate capturing capacity at 4 micron.
  • Removal of 99.8% of the water from the fuel , exceeding engineering specifications
  • Fuel filter water separator with a draining valve
  • Improved protection for iT4/T4 engines
  • Maintenance Interval: 500 hours
  • K.C. Bobcat recommends having a spare fuel filter for cold weather protection.

For first time use , some machines will need a new mounting bracket to accommodate the larger filter:

Machine : Mounting Bracket

S/T 450 : 7409790

E85 : 7413760

With Tier 4 Engines , the process to remove sulfur raises the cloud point (CP)  - the temperature where wax begins to drop out of fuel - which can contribute to fuel filter plugging. Because of this , it is good practice to have a spare fuel filter in cold weather.

Previous part number was 7023589. This part is the direct replacement.

Check the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to ensure the correct part for your equipment. Contact K.C. Bobcat for correct part fitment.